Australian Crochet Community Pinterst Board

To be a part of the Australian Crochet Community

I have really enjoyed being a part of a facebook group of Aussie crocheters!

I decided we needed a place to keep pictures of our WIPS, HOTHS, UFO’s, yarn and ideas, so I created a Pinterest board.

Australian Crochet Community Pinterst Board

Australian Crochet Community Pinterst Board

Open to all Aussie crocheters.

on the huh

and I’m a Yarnaholic

Well we did not travel around this week but  was still on holidays and I did still do lots of hooking, and more yarn shopping…

Sparkly Sequin Yarn

Sparkly Sequin Yarn


I bought this lovely silver sequin on sale with the idea to make a shawl for a wedding but it was a bit thicker then I thought and I ended up deciding to make a dress… watch this space, hopefully it will work into something worth writing about!


On the Huh rainbow Crochet Square

On the Huh rainbow Crochet Square

Meanwhile I joined a monthly square swap. I had almost joined another one which would’ve meant I had to make a lot more squares and mail off, but this one seems a bit more casual, so after finding out my partners wishes I made this as a tester. I plan on making a final one for her now that I have bought more yarn (note, this is the second yarn purchase mentioned in this post).

The pattern can be found here. I gave the tester to my daughter – after confirming it’s OK with my swap partner – so she could use it as a baby blanket.

The original Granny Square

The original Granny Square


I then also made a square for me to start of the blanket that will be amde from all the squares. I’m making it for my daughter who always asks for crochet things to be made for her.


From the Simply Crochet magazine

From the Simply Crochet magazine

Sven Bracelet, as ordered!

Sven Crochet Bracelet, as ordered!

I then made up the bracelet from the front of my Simply Crochet magazine I bought on holidays, and was instantly commissioned to make another…


Another Magic cirlce

Another Magic cirlce


And finally…

I made another magic circle!!

Crochet Bear Hat - no pattern, just kinda made it up!

Crochet Bear Hat – no pattern, just kinda made it up!

Oops, I mean I made this soo cute bear hat for a cute bubba born only a few days ago!

The yarn was already in my yarn stash so no purchase needed 😉



And just for good measure I bought this, with no plan… I will make something for my daughter from it for next winter.


I’ve learnt I’m not alone in my yarn addiction, in fact I’ve joined a group who seem to be great in enabling each other in their yarn purchases…

Does anyone else out there suffer from this addiction??

Holiday Hooking

Holiday Hooking!

We have just had a long awaited and needed holiday. Just a week, and a bit random in the planning, but over all I’d call it a success. We saw snow, beaches and wineries, and I took along some yarn and hooks…

So here’s a little glimpse of the crocheting side of our holiday…

OK, so the first ones a bit of a sad sorry… after my darling nephew past away last year I’ve been wanting to contribute to the NICU and Angel babies, so when someone from my online crochet group asked for photo props and keepsakes for these little ones I happily made this hat and a blanket. I will keep making them but I don’t think I’ll post them much, too heartbreaking. A tiny tiny hat

and then someone posted picture of a Granny Square Bag she had made her daughter, I had to make one….

Crochet Granny Square bag by the fire…

I did start a pair of slippers as I had forgotten mine, but they were not working out as planned and I have not finished them, maybe they will appear in another post??

I bought my first ever crochet magazine along the way… 

which has a cute bracelet to make with stitch markers as charms…  which fits in really well with the whole crocheting on the move thing! I didn’t have the right size hook on me so I’ve been waiting to get home and make it up!!

And for the remainder I worked on the ever present WIP…

Gorgeous crochet WIP

Luckily this is so beautiful I can happily pick it up and add to it any time!

Once home I decided to join a monthly 10 inch square swap and so I made this to be the foundation of my blanket which I plan on making up for miss 3, who loves blue and orange. Also it is #GrannySquareDay2015 according to Instagram…

10 inch blue and orange classic crochet granny square

Pretty productive holiday really… I’ve taken crochet around with my before to parks etc, but this is my first holiday – except visits to my Mum’s house, which don’t count. Quite happy as I can hook and chat and it keeps me occupied and warm!

Have you taken your hobby on holidays with you?? How did it go?

Something to think about – Cake Angels

While most of the time we know we should eat well, healthy, low sugar, real food, especially our children. We also know, there is a time for cake! Especially when your a kid, and being diagnosed with a serious illness should never get in the way of cake eating on your birthday!!

Enter – Australian Cake Angels! A non-for-profit group who make amazing cakes for sick kids, on their birthdays and other special days.

Cake Angels Network - join the angels to brighten a sick kids birthday!

Cake Angels Network – join the Angels to brighten a sick kids birthday!

The Cake Angel originally started up almost by accident in Melbourne donating the cakes to Ronald McDonald House, by April 2012 they were in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane and they now work with many charities all over Australia.

“Cake Angels is run completely by volunteers, some are hobbyists and some run their own cake decorating business. All have not only a love of baking cakes, but also the desire to support a deserving cause and to make a difference, by bringing a smile to a seriously ill child when we can.”

If you can bake, decorate or (wo)man a cake stall, Have a think about becoming a Cake Angel, surely the best kind of Angel! Check out their Facebook page or Instagram for more information.

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat Teddy! 

Our house is a little Batman obsessed at the moment. It started with some Batman Duplo and is currently at… Crochet Batman Teddy Dress-ups!

I’ve used double crochet (single crochet in the US) but next time I would do Treble crochet (double crochet) for the cape so it sits looser. As it is, it constantly looks like it’s flapping around, which is kinda cool.

Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of a 3 yo and her Bat-teddy?! 

Mummy can you make me a blue Woof Woof hat..?

After modelling many cute hats for her cousins she felt appropriate timing to put in her order. And rightly so! Whilst it’s been fun crocheting for all the little nieces and nephews, I love to crochet for my own little one the best!

You may have noticed this is the same yarn that was previously unravelled

I would like to say I made this in a day, but well, we had better things to do! And there was the un-ravelling… We did spend some lovely time in the sun where I did manage some crocheting.  

And I must say it’s sooo much easier to do a hat when the model is the intended wearer!

Though I did not finish it until the next day when the model was in Pre-school. I spent a lovely hour sorting through buttons to find just the woof woof right eyes!  

And went to an office baby shower… 

I had to do the modelling – very stretchy

I did get to turn up to Pre-school early and join in on cupcakes and Art Day!

Crochet Woof Woof Hat

Crochet Woof Woof Hat

She was very pleased with her order!

I did originally start the hat to the pattern but after un-ravelling I used a tried and tested half double crochet (half treble – Australia and UK) hat and just used the pattern for the embellishments.

Half double crochet beanie pattern – Oombawka design crochet

Woof Woof pattern – Repeat Crafter Me

I realised once I went to link up the beanie pattern that I have been recently linking up on Oombawka desingn’s Link Up! I have been using this pattern for two winters now, how things go around in circles!!

Happy Crocheting!

blue 2

How to size a hat – I broke my own rule!

I broke my own rule, I followed the pattern and even though I knew it was getting too big I kept going…

Unravelled crochet hat

Unravelled crochet hat

so I have unravelled and will start again tomorrow!


I am currently working on so WIP’s so I hope I will have something more interesting to show you soon, but I’m getting worried as it’s been really quite warm this weekend and crocheting in Sydney Summer is just not done!!

Sydney Winter

Sydney Winter

Frozen blueberries in the sun

Frozen blueberries in the sun

But eating blueberries in the sun is absolutely the done thing!!