Newborn half double crochet hat

I made this today! Newborn half double crochet shell pattern hat

In fact, I made it in less then an hour… as I thought I had another weekend to make this and it turns out the Mum-to-be’s last day is tomorrow!!

Newborn half double crochet hat

Newborn half double crochet hat

So as she loves white, and I had some white baby wool, she will soon be the proud owner of a white newborn hat…

There’s no pattern, I kinda made it up, but I’m sure there is a pattern out there somewhere for this.

I hope she likes it! I hope you like it!

Newborn half double crochet hat

Newborn half double crochet hat

Crochet Amigurumi Tea Cup

I made this today – Crochet Amigurumi Tea Cup

After some not very subtle hinting from my Mum I made my first Amigurumi project today! Mum send my a Pin on Pinterest with the oh so subtle comment “hint hint”. As I’m on a bit of a family crochet gifting theme and it’s her birthday soon – shh don’t tell…

I used this free Lion Brand pattern and add the embellishments from the hint hint picture.

Making an Amigurumi Tea Cup in the sun  – Psst, the back ground will be featured in the next post..

Making an Amigurumi Tea Cup in the sun – Psst, the back ground will be featured in the next post..

We had a girls day as hubby was at work, and it was a beautiful Sunny Winters Day.

We also did coffee and Gelato followed by some playing in the fountain…

which led to, some op shopping for a dry size 4 top….

followed by some sitting on a mat in the sun on the grass, crocheting, playing with Robo Poli cars and picking dandelions.

Crochet and Robo Poli outside

Crochet and Robo Poli outside




I hope Mum likes it and is OK with my firsts ever Crochet Amigurumi and its little faults… It’s a bit lop-sided and I’m thinking the saucer should have been the other way up….

This one can be used as a pin cushion, my Mum is a sewer, I put rice in the bottom and ripped open an old pillow (go the upcycle) to stuff the top.

Crochet Amigurumi Tea Cup

Crochet Amigurumi Tea Cup

Amigurumi wasn’t as fiddly as I thought, though this is quite a big Amigurumi, and it has made me quite keen to try another one, maybe for the upcoming niece/nephew…

Have you tried amigurumi? Any amigurumi hints and tips?

Last minute Beret for Z

I made all of this! Crochet Stash busting and family warming.

You may have noticed a bit of crocheting for my nieces lately, well it’s all ready to ship but I thought I’d show it off first!!

The ribbed mittens have already been expressed down, as miss Z was very cold in her new cold climate and mittens small enough were proving hard to find.

Ribbed Crochet Mittens

Ribbed Crochet Mittens

I made her a beanie as well

Crochet Lady Bug Beanie

Crochet Lady Bug Beanie

And then I made this random snoodie…



Not sure who that’s going to fit, hopefully miss Z as my sister bought her a set with mittens, scarf and beanie, but they were too big are have gone to miss J.

Purple is her favourite colour

Purple is her favourite colour

Meanwhile I made miss J these…

In her favourite colour.. Purple

Ribbed Crochet gloves that reminded me of boiled sweets!

I started with a rib and just kept going.
Hippo Hat

Cos it was purple…

More appliqué!

Lexi helped..


Lexi “helped with the plaits”

Find the free pattern here on Repeat Crafter Me

Wearable together without, hopefully, being too over powering.

So just in case, I whipped up one of my signature items from last year…

Last minute Beret for Z

Last minute Beret for Z

This took me less then 2 hours to whip up! I’m really hoping it fits, but I’m pretty confident as I’ve had a bit of practice with these. If you are using the hand measuring method of sizing for the beret, you will need to go almost double the hand size and then come back in to the right width. I count how many rows I’ve gone past the beanie size and then bring it back in that many rows…

So.. minus the pink mittens, here is the final shipment!

Shipment for nieces

Shipment for nieces

Hopefully this will get them though the cold winter and I can make some more for the older one next year and “hand-me-down” from mine to the younger one.

I was hoping to do some serious yarn busting with this project, but it doesn’t look any smaller… baby and Toddler hats just don’t take up much yarn!

Now I should really fit some study in before making an Infinity Scarf for my sister, hoping to barter it with one of her amazing prints!

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The resulting hat

How to size a crochet hat

I see crochet patterns all the time where they have all different sizes from newborn to large adult. And it doesn’t always turn out the right size, with different yarns and tension. But in reality, if you have the recipient (or a similar sized one) nearby there’s a much easier way to size the hat.

Since you are usually starting from the top, you need to start flat – magic circle – and work a flat circle by increasing until you suddenly stop increasing and work down the sides. So when does this happen?

Answer: when the circle is the size of the wearers hand.

Please the wearers hand on the circle to know when to stop increasing.

Place the wearers hand on the circle to know when to stop increasing.

As I was making a hat for her cousin who is about a year older, I did another round of increasing and then started down the sides.

The resulting hat

The resulting hat

The hat is slightly too big for her, as I did the extra row of increasing, so hopefully, it will be perfect for her cousin!!

I hope this helps! Give it a try, pick a favourite stitch and make up your own crochet hat pattern, start with a magic circle, increase by the number of stitches in the magic circle every row until it’s as big as the hand. Good luck, tell me how you went?!

PS. babies heads are a bit disproportionate and you should make sure their hand fits comfortably inside the circle before starting the sides.

Something to think about – Do you KIVA?

Currently I am very patiently waiting for my monthly KIVA repayments to come in (they start arriving from the 17th of each month), so I can re-loan them to micro loans, in other countries to people I’ve never met… This is a bit different to donating money, time or crochet/knitwear. KIVA is a place where you (in the words of KIVA) “connect millions of people through lending to alleviate poverty”.

KIVA Loans that change lives

KIVA – Loans that change lives

How It Works

  1. 1 Choose a borrower
  2. 2 Make a loan
  3. 3 Get repaid
  4. 4 Repeat!

What I really like about KIVA is how it does really help you see that small amounts of money can really make a lot of difference. And while there is a risk of losing your money, through either defaulting borrowers or currency loss, I feel as long as you accept this from the beginning, that’s OK. After all, I’m only going to re-loan the money.

How KIVA works

How KIVA works

There is lots of information on the site, KIVA blog or the Teams.

So if you’re interested, have a look at the KIVA Video.

Heres a few tips from me and my KIVA team – especially for those who already have the KIVA bug:

Tip 1: I use keep my Etsy Sales payments in my paypal account for repayment day, to top up any shortfalls or when I have clown my KIVA budget but really want to loan to someone…

Tip 2: KIVA gift cards make great gifts!

Tip 3: You can set up transfers to your KIVA account to coincide with your payday to help you keep to your KIVA budget.

Tip 4: Transfer $25 (or whatever you budget for) into your KIVA account on credit day (17th of the month) so your KIVA credits can build up before you loan them out again. One Loaner called this his “early-credit-repayment-bonus”.

Tip 5: KIVA Credits are return in Field partners alphabetical order. That is Credits with field partners beginning with “A” are returned first.

Tip 6: I’ve learnt most of my KIVA knowledge from my team. Join a team – I’m in three – and get on the message board to learn all the ins and outs of KIVA. You can attribute you loans to a team, which fuels my competitive streak nicely… here’s my team, feel free to join, they’ve very helpful and know much stuff!

Tip 7: Try cleaning the fridge or writing a blog post when waiting for your monthly KIVA credits… its great to see your balance go up a few dollars whenever you go back and refresh the page!

Tip 8: Enjoy the community! Find a group that suits you, join the KIVA page, they also often have facebook pages and blogs. Its a great place to be with like minded people.

What are your tips for managing waiting for KIVA credits? Or sticking to your KIVA budget?

Beautiful People

Beautiful People

Well my patiences is paying off, Credits have started coming in, so I’m off to work on step 1. Thanks for helping me entertain myself!


Magic Circles

Magic Circles

yes sorry I did finish that magic circle from the last post, I MADE THIS TODAY –

CROCHET TODDLER FOX BEANIE! and it did include probably enough magic circles to cure my obsession with them! It was not today but the day after the fox beanie, only by then my cold had gone to chest infection and blogging dropped to lower priority.


LadyBug – My daughter, not my niece

I’m slowly getting the hang of appliqué, at first I was trying to use the crochet hook, but once I accepted the sewing factor and moved to an embroidery needle I enjoyed much success.

The lady beetle beanie is for my niece and based of this pattern from Repeat crafter me. I’m really liking this blog, lots of free crochet pattens and soo cute!

Ribbed Crochet Mittens

Ribbed Crochet Mittens for my 16 month old niece

I haven’t sent this one down to my niece yet, as I’m work on a few more things for her, but I did express a pair of mitten to her as that was the original reason for all this crochet-wear.

The thing is, my niece has a super cute sister who my little one just adores, and it’s just not done to send for one and not the other, so we have some purple and cream mittens in the making that remind me of boiled sweets.

Boiled Sweets Mittens

Boiled Sweets Mittens

Purple is her fave colour ever!

I will definitely write up some instructions for these as they are super easy and my 16 month old niece will apparently not take them off!

Until then!

Fox hat

I Made This Today – Crochet Toddler Fox Beanie!

I Love one day crochet projects!! Not only is there faster satisfaction, it’s more likely to be finished rather then fall into the WIP list… Also great for last minute gifting..!!

I’d been think of this one for a while, and then when my sister posted a pic of her little one in his Mum’s beanie cos he’d grown out of his… There is a story behind the fox theme for my sisters family, but thats another story.

When I saw this perfect coloured soft burn orange yarn my mind was made up. I then found this pattern which was perfect and well written. Repeat Crafter Me – Fox Hat

Orange Magic Circle for Fox Hat

I’m a little obsessed with photographing my magic circles right now

There was a break for dinner..

There was a break for dinner..

And Finally Finished after small person bed time

And Finally Finished after small person bed time

And I just couldn’t help starting the next one…

Can you guess what this magic circle will be?

Can you guess what this magic circle will be?

Well it won’t be finished tonight, so I will continue on and hopefully it won’t end up on the WIP list xx

The Linky Ladies Party

Crochet Blogs – Aussie Style

So I’ve been looking through some Aussie Crochet blogs for a bit more local influence. Makes sense really; seasonally, terminology  and shopping wise, not to mention supporting my local crafty blogging community. And I thought I would share.

  1. Suburban Jubilee – I feel like I just been on a journey with Jubilee, there is more than crochet and I loved the balance. Lots of yarn and project as well as glimpses of the Grandkids.  Yarn and pretty stuff!
  2. Crochet kitten – A good blog – for blogspot – great pictures and original free patterns.
  3. thedovenest – Lots of craft on this page, great pictures and her approach to crochet really suits my style, intuitive with many project on the go at once…
  4. littlewoollie – A feast for a crocheters eyes, great pictures and colours. Once again, a lot of things on the go and the large number of pics really appeals to me.  Great colour crochet!!
  5. The royal sisters – I love the Aussie content and the support of the Aussie wool industry.
  6. Katies kitchen blog – I wouldn’t call this a crochet blog, but she is very good at Granny squares and the crochet and quilting are nice eye candy
  7. – A very good learn to site. Original patterns and great pictures.  Call out for pattern testing
  8. Crafts Mum Ship – Lots of great crafts and pictures. Mummy stuff too.
  9. Future girl – Free patterns for crochet and knitting
  10. gege crochet – Original patterns for crochet and felting

So that would be my first ever “10 best … ” list. it’s as much a reference for myself as you. I’m going to keep building on it, feel free to add more into the comments and I will most likely do a part 2.

meanwhile, here is a sneak peak at my current project…

I love this yarn!