The Bloody Long Walk

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The Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (AMDF) has provided a discount code for those who missed the Super early bird registration rate. Registering with the code will cost you $99 which is a saving of up to $22!


Putting on an event like this cost money and ultimately this event is to raise money to assist those with Mito and to fund research etc. rather than just covering their costs. Please consider donating to our Everyday Hero page:

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Mito Luca




Luca first became sick when he was just 17 days old. His symptoms include seizures, difficulty feeding and failure to develop normally.

Mito deprives the cells in the body of the energy they need to function. This causes multiple organ dysfunction or failure.

On 21 February this year, Luca’s family celebrated his first birthday as if it was his last. They desperately hope it won’t be.

Luca’s mother Nadja feels “utterly helpless” but she’s determined to do all she can to fight mito…

That’s why she and her husband Marc are joining you for The Bloody Long Walk!

Funds raised through The Bloody Long Walk will help find a cure and treatments for this devastating disease and help support others like Luca and his family.