WIP’s and Australian humidity..

Thank you all those who are still looking though my posts and hopefully gaining some insights  and benefits from my rambles! It’s been a long summer here in Oz and we are still loving our 30 degree days, although the humidity is starting to take it’s toll… my garden is suffering, but more importantly, one simply cannot pull yarn through sticky hot hands and fingers, and no we do not have aircon…

I want to show you a few WIP’s I have on the go, and have managed through the cooler days of the summer:


My neighbour Totoro newborn hat

OMG, I cannot believe I didn’t show this off!! Look out for a post on this with my gorgeous new nephew as model!!


My intention is to cover the lounge, but well, you know…


Another finished, Infinity scarf for my sister in law


This is.. something for my Mum.. Lap rug..? It’s Bendigo woollen Mills Pumpkin and just lovely! I will finish it…

Totoro Lovey blankie, for the same nephew


Angel Christmas Tree Ornament for an Angel Baby


Tunic for myself, also Bendigo Woollen Mills.

There’s more but we will get to it!!

I’m really looking forward to the cooler months for once, but only for the crochet…

See you then..!



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