Last minute Beret for Z

I made all of this! Crochet Stash busting and family warming.

You may have noticed a bit of crocheting for my nieces lately, well it’s all ready to ship but I thought I’d show it off first!!

The ribbed mittens have already been expressed down, as miss Z was very cold in her new cold climate and mittens small enough were proving hard to find.

Ribbed Crochet Mittens

Ribbed Crochet Mittens

I made her a beanie as well

Crochet Lady Bug Beanie

Crochet Lady Bug Beanie

And then I made this random snoodie…



Not sure who that’s going to fit, hopefully miss Z as my sister bought her a set with mittens, scarf and beanie, but they were too big are have gone to miss J.

Purple is her favourite colour

Purple is her favourite colour

Meanwhile I made miss J these…

In her favourite colour.. Purple

Ribbed Crochet gloves that reminded me of boiled sweets!

I started with a rib and just kept going.
Hippo Hat

Cos it was purple…

More appliqué!

Lexi helped..


Lexi “helped with the plaits”

Find the free pattern here on Repeat Crafter Me

Wearable together without, hopefully, being too over powering.

So just in case, I whipped up one of my signature items from last year…

Last minute Beret for Z

Last minute Beret for Z

This took me less then 2 hours to whip up! I’m really hoping it fits, but I’m pretty confident as I’ve had a bit of practice with these. If you are using the hand measuring method of sizing for the beret, you will need to go almost double the hand size and then come back in to the right width. I count how many rows I’ve gone past the beanie size and then bring it back in that many rows…

So.. minus the pink mittens, here is the final shipment!

Shipment for nieces

Shipment for nieces

Hopefully this will get them though the cold winter and I can make some more for the older one next year and “hand-me-down” from mine to the younger one.

I was hoping to do some serious yarn busting with this project, but it doesn’t look any smaller… baby and Toddler hats just don’t take up much yarn!

Now I should really fit some study in before making an Infinity Scarf for my sister, hoping to barter it with one of her amazing prints!

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